Cookie Policy

  1. What is Cookie?

Cookies are small files placed on the user’s machine which allows us to recognise and remember user. Cookies are sent to users browser and stored on user’s computer, mobile or tablet device. When the user visits our sites, we may collect information from the user automatically through cookies. 

2. What types of cookies we use?

There are many types of cookies that are available out there, but we use 3 types of cookies.

I. Functionality: This one remembers your settings from your last visit to And provides you with that same experience what you were getting in your last visit. This makes the user’s experience more personalised.

II. Essential: These cookies provide your experience more hassle-free when you visit us again and again. It makes commenting easy on the website by saving your email id on site.

III. Functionality: Cookies which is used to recognise site preferences made by the user. and show on the next visit. 

3. How do we use cookies?

We use cookies in many ways to improve your experience, some of them are:

  • By giving you a relevant advertisement.
  • It keeps you signed in.
  • Helps us to understand how you use our site. 

4. Can we manage cookies?

Managing/Controlling cookies on our site are easy.  It is possible to stop accepting cookies in your browser. you can turn it off by simply visiting browser’s cookie settings. You’ll find these settings in the “option” menu of your browser. Or you can follow these links do the same in your current browser:

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