Free Bulk Server Status Checker Tool

It is important to check your website’s URLs to make sure that they have the desired server response. So, if you have a website with many URLs, it is challenging to check them one by one manually on your own. Therefore, we have built a simple online tool where you can fit a Bulk set of URLs to ensure that their server response is accurate.

This Tools Support URL’s Up To 50 At Once!.

How To Check the Server Your Web Pages Quickly?

This tool is a very important tool for Webmasters, SEO specialists, Bloggers, website owners, website managers and web Developers.It saves your time and effort that you put on when fixing the server response issues and related matters because this tool allows you to check a large number of URL batch at once.

So you do not have to enter each URL one by one and check whether URL responses properly or not.

Why is it important to check the server responses regularly?

If you are a blogger or a website owner, it obvious that you have to publish new posts and articles on your website regularly.

So, it will create a different URL for that particular post when you create new post and articles.

As a result, the number of URLs on your website increases day by day, and it will not be practical to conduct URL audit for every single URL manually.

Also, there is a higher chance of making mistakes and having a considerable number of posts and articles.

So you can get rid of that burden up to some extent with the help of this online server status checker tool.

What could cause if your URLs do not respond appropriately?

This is a serious issue when you are looking at the perspective of a Blogger or website owner.

It could result in not indexing your Post, Articles, URLs on google due to incorrect server response because Google search engine crawlers might not be able to locate your URLs.

As a result, you will not be able to achieve the search engine visibility for your newly published content.

So, your potential visitors may not be able to find your new contents on search engines.

As a result, it will result in losing your potential website visitors and probably losing the earnings of your website because of that.

So, by now, you should understand the importance of having the proper server response for your website URLs.

When you, check your URLs regularly, it will alert you which URLs have issues and which URLs are good.

Features of the Server Response Checker Tool

In simple words, you can use this tool to see which URLs are redirected and which ones come up with 404 not found error.

So, this tool allows you to check the maximum up to 50 URLs at once.

More you put URLs on the tool more time it takes to show you the results.

In addition to that, once the server response results are appearing on the website, you can instantly download the Excel CSV file from the tool and keep it for your future use.

We built this Bulk server status checker tool for the betterment of all the Webmaster, Blogger, Developers and etc.

Also, we offer this tool for totally free of charge.

So use this tool and make your life easier. Also, don’t forget to give you feedback regarding this tool.